Salts of the Earth

Sea Salts purify and refresh as the invigorating aroma of Spearmint, Rosemary and Orange revives your spirits.
Let's Circulate™
9.75€ / 100g
Incredible Spreadable™
17.00€ / 100ml
Salt Suds™
12.00€ / 100ml
The Journey from Plant to Formula


Dead Sea Salts

Mineral-enriched Dead Sea Salts have been used since biblical times for their therapeutic and healing powers. In fact, King Solomon is said to have presented Queen Sheba with Dead Sea Salts upon his visit to the Holy Land. It’s also told that Cleopatra, who made extensive use of Dead Sea formulations in her beauty regimen, urged Marc Antony to conquer the Dead Sea region in his Judean campaign so that she would be guaranteed a supply of Dead Sea minerals. Why all the fuss? Because Sea Salts help purify, smooth and reinvigorate skin to look younger, brighter and healthier.